Auto Repair Marketing You Can’t Sell An $800 Brake Job To A $50 Pocket

Auto Repair Marketing You Can’t Sell An $800 Brake Job To A $50 Pocket. Translation: Low income customers are killing you.

Cheap auto repair marketing brings in the cheap customer.

Auto repair marketing that delivers a majority of low income customers will never take you to your income goals.

Simply calculate the average repair order. That will tell you instantly if you are getting high income or low income customers from your auto repair marketing direct mail.

Are you doing typical Car Count Marketing? In other words, sending out large numbers of low cost auto repair marketing postcards. Postcards slathered with low cost coupons. Sent through carrier route saturation or coupon packet mailers.

Sure there are a few exceptions to the rule. But this type of auto repair marketing usually attracts a majority of low income customers. Such customers are coming in simply for the low priced oil change. And you can’t up-sell them even on critical safety repairs.

Auto Repair Marketing that brings in the high income customer.

THIS IS IT RIGHT HERE! This is what auto repair marketing is all about. Bring in large numbers of fine car high income customers and the increase in YOUR INCOME will take care of itself.

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