Automotive Service Marketing – Keep Your Eye On The Real Goal

Automotive Service Marketing – Keep Your Eye On The Real Goal. What is the real goal? To significantly increase your income. Can we all agree on that? I think so.

Automotive Service Marketing For The Perfect Customer.

Have you ever experienced automotive service marketing direct mail that brought in ONLY the right customer? That eliminates countless wasted hours weeding out the needy (no profit) customers! Read below to see how such a program can change your life. Click picture above to see what a 5 year client had to say about this program. Then he proves it by using it every year for 13 more years.

Auto Service Marketing For Fine Car Customers Only.

Click photo for short video. Steve Louden comments on the Ad-Card automotive service marketing direct mail program. Steve and every client of Motor Service Marketing receives complete exclusivity in their market area. We will not work with your direct competitors like other marketing companies do. 




If you don’t get this basic strategy right, you are wasting every dollar you are spending on your automotive service marketing direct mail. And, you are generating low profit sales.

Most shop owners agree that higher personal income, generated by their automotive service marketing, is their goal.

HOWEVER - It seems that some 9 out of 10 of these same shop owners think that the way to select the right automotive service marketing company – is based on the following criteria. A strategy in direct opposition to their real goal of higher personal income.

And, you are using a marketing program with several hidden costs that you don’t know about. Hidden costs that are costing you more money than you could imagine.

  • “Cost-Per-Card-Mailed” - Definition = “Any-Old-Postcard” as long as it’s cheap to buy and send. However, if your postcard card is not designed to capture fine car customers, the high income customer will not respond. But  the needy customers  certainly will.
  • “Sent by Every-Door-Direct-Mail” – Definition = “Any-Old-House-Or-Apartment” as long as it’s cheap to mail. Because it is saturation mailing, you get everything in that carrier route from high income to low income to poverty level. If they are in that carrier route, you get them whether you want them or not. I call this The Carpet Bombing Approach.
  • “Increased-Car-Count” – Definition = “Any-Old-Car” as long as it’s cheap to get in. But any-old-car-marketing will almost always bring in a high majority of needy customers, creating little or no increase in income. And often – even a loss.
  • “Median-Income-Level” – Definition = “Any-Old-Income-Level-mailing-list” as long as it’s cheap to use. The problem? The word “Median” means middle. When you use median income as your guide for a mailing list – at least half the leads will be below your target income level.

BY following such criteria, you have just launched an automotive service marketing strategy (that will determine your income for the next several months) based on everything but the real goal. Car Count is meaningless. Fine Car High Income Car Count Means Everything. And yes, it is more expensive to accomplish.

But since when was the cheapest of anything ever the best?

REVIEW OF THE REAL GOAL: To bring in large numbers of fine car high income customers, TO SIGNIFICANTLY INCREASE YOUR INCOME.

FOLKS! PLEASE REALIZE… You are not buying a postcard. You are buying the quality level of the customer who comes through your door.

Most of you are sending out (the equivalent of) pictures of a 50 cent hamburger, trying to pull in the $50 steak customer. And then – you wonder why you are getting hamburger customers, with no fries or drink thrown in.


Here’s The Problem. When you set your concentration and strategy on finding the lowest cost postcards and mailing methods, instead of what is necessary to bring in fine car customers, you are throwing the high income customer (your main target) right into the trash can along with your postcards.

But there is one place you will excel with cheap automotive service marketing. Needy Customers, streaming through your door looking for discounts and freebies.

Always Remember This: You Can’t Sell An $800 Brake Job To A $50 Pocket.

Automotive Service Marketing by Motor Service Marketing.

When you are ready to start grabbing another 10% to 30% or even larger piece of the high income customer market give us a call. This is the only customer who can significantly increase your income. Why? Because they have the money to do it. And – this is where loyal, full price customers come from. This is automotive service marketing that works your goal! SEE OUR $500 OFF INTRODUCTORY OFFER BELOW!

Take a look at cheap automotive service marketing that will normally give you at least half – or more – needy customers. Compare that to the strategy of attracting nothing but fine car, high income leads instead. This new strategy immediately gives you a much higher potential first sale. And – a much higher potential return customer at full price. Plus, these guys are the ones who give you referrals. Now, isn’t that what you are looking for?

Every new low income customer is a disappointment on the first sale and will never come back at full price. Why? They can’t afford to come back at full price, no matter how much they like you. But, what is THEIR GOAL on the first visit? To spend the least money possible. Wrong Strategy = Wrong Results!

That’s why the simple strategy of, “Getting-Your-Name-Out-There”, “Cost-Per-Card-Mailed” and “Increased-Car-Count” so very rarely delivers A fine car high income customer. That is why cheap marketing doesn’t work to fulfill your Real Goal.


There is only one true goal for automotive service marketing direct mail.

  • To get the attention of – and bring in.
  • The right customer.
  • With the right car.
  • With the right income.
  • Who has the right attitude and motivation to care for their car.
  • Who will spend the money.
  • To keep that car running to perfection.

That is the only effective strategy that will give you seriously higher income. And that is the only objective of your automotive service marketing direct mail.

  • What is every auto shop owner really looking for?
  • A) More work for increased sales?
  • B) Or more prime customers, with less work for increased income?
  • I’ll bet we are all in agreement with this one too!
  • Remember – it is your automotive service marketing direct mail that will make that choice for you.

Every Customer Who Comes Through Your Door Must Go Through
“The Process”.

The process of being checked in.
The process of getting the car in the bay.
The process of an oil change, usually at a discount offer price.
Then, the car inspection to see if other work needs to be done.
Then the process of trying to sell additional work. At the counter or on the phone.
If the customer says “NO” to additional work or just purchased windshield wipers only.
You just lost money.
This is an auto service marketing direct mail FAILURE!
If they say “YES”, you just made money.
This is an auto repair advertising SUCCESS!

Your direct mail program is what determines which ones you get.

Everyone’s dream in life is to make more money for less work. So why would you spend money on an automotive service marketing direct mail strategy that would send you large numbers of “Any-Old-Cars” being driven by “Any-Old-Income-Level-Owners”? Simple. Because it’s cheap. But if it had delivered the income you were looking for, you wouldn’t be here reading this right now. You must have been disappointed.

If you are putting in 40 to 60 hours per week, wouldn’t it be nice to make a personal income of  $200,000 per year rather than just $100,000 per year for the same or less hours.

How can you do that? See the same number of customers with double the RO average. HOW? Bring in fine car high income customers only with your automotive service marketing direct mail. We have been doing just that for our clients for 30 years.

But how can I do that? You stop sending your direct mail to needy customers and start sending (properly designed direct mail postcards) to fine car high income customers ONLY. Doesn’t that make complete sense? Can we agree on that?

WHAT DOES THAT DO? It eliminates the need to spend half your time and money, using your highly paid staff, to WEED OUT the needy customers passing through your shop. The customers who want only the cheap oil change. Needy customers who can actually cost you $20 to $40 each in wasted service manager and technician time.

YOU SEE - YOU CAN SPEND THE SAME AMOUNT OF TIME YOU ARE NOW. But instead of consuming half your time with needy customers, you start investing most of your time into larger numbers of fine car high income customers ONLY! What happens? You start making more money immediately!  THAT is the formula for doubling your profits.

The Strategy? “FLIPPING YOUR CUSTOMER BASE!” Using your automotive service marketing direct mail to weed out the needy customers and bring in the fine car customers only. Is this making any sense to you? If not, please show me the better way.

I have yet to see any other direct mail program come close to equaling the Ad-Card program’s ability to deliver higher income customers for you. Please point to the better program if you can?

Auto Repair client talking about the Ad-Card auto repair direct mail program.

Nine year client using the Ad-Card auto service direct mail marketing program in Boca Raton, Florida.

Why is weeding out the needy customers with your direct mail so important?

  • Because you won’t have to do the weeding yourself wasting highly paid staff and shop time.
  • Because spending less time on the phone with price shoppers generated by cheap direct mail advertising saves you money.
  • Because spending almost all your time dealing with profitable new customers makes you a lot more money.
  • Because spending half your time serving low income, low-to-no-profit customers is killing your bottom line. It is actually significantly reducing the profits you are making on the few high income customers who do come in.

When you begin to take in a majority of high income customers you get to experience a whole new level in profit making. 

  • You are suddenly left with a majority of profitable customers
  • This group says YES!
  • This group spends.
  • This group will come back at full price.
  • This group will give you referrals.
  • This group is the only group that can give you the income increases you are seeking.
  • DEFINITION: This is automotive service marketing that WORKS! The Increased-Car-Count strategy simply sucks away half your time and profits working with low income customers.

What’s the secret? You select the fine car high income customer by make, model and year of car. Just by knowing the car they drive, you are almost always assured that this customer loves their car, maybe even has their ego wrapped up in their car, and is willing to maintain or repair this car without hesitation or fear of cost. This is your high income customer. Once again: This Is Automotive Service Marketing That Works!
When the word “Works” means higher income.

A far superior and more profitable method than – “Any-Car-Any-Income-Customers.” (AKA – Car Count).

Just one more way of looking at these two methods of direct mail automotive service marketing. Don’t stop reading now. This is really good.

Doing cheap automotive service marketing is what I call, “Bubble-Balancer-Marketing”. This is where the shop owner is busy concentrating on the cost of the wheel balancer rather than the far more important issue of the function it performs.

Why would anyone spend, shall we say $8,000 (107 times more) for a computerized wheel balancer when you can purchase a perfectly good bubble balancer for only 75 bucks plus tax?! You can save a fortune by simply using the bubble balancer. Or Can You?

The answer? The computerized balancer severely outperforms the bubble balancer, (that has been made obsolete). And the more expensive balancer makes you more money. The multiple functions of the computerized balancer is worth the additional cost. Continue with the bubble balancer (“To Save Money”) and no one will ever let you touch their tires and wheels again.

When you use the “bubble balancer” (cost-per-card-mailed / car-count) method of choosing an automotive service marketing company, you are thinking exactly the same way. You are assuming that all direct mail marketing is equal. That no one has more features and functions, or a better strategy, that could warrant paying any higher price! So why pay more?

Has this kind of thinking kept you from even looking at the Ad-Card program in the past? Has your fear of cost kept you from even checking out what such a high quality direct mail program could do for you?

So year, after year, after decade, you do exactly the same thing that every other shop in town is doing. You all switch from one cheap automotive service marketing company to another, hoping that “THIS ONE” will finally be the one that works. But it never is.

So let’s say, you have just purchased the cheapest automotive service marketing postcard program you could find. Mailed the cheapest way possible. But, as usual, it attracts a majority of needy customers.

What have you just done? Like every other shop in your market area, you all look alike. You all sound alike. Why should anyone come to you. Especially the fine car high income customer. You have given them no reason to come to you. There is absolutely nothing special about you to attract them.

  • So why do a guesstimated  90% of shop owners choose the cheap automotive service marketing methods over and over again?
  • The fear of loss. (Never take a risk)
  • The desire for gain. (However, most gain has always been acquired by taking a risk that someone else would not take.)
  • But the fear of loss is some 10 times stronger than the desire for gain.
  • Why? Because we want to continue to do what is comfortable. Because we are all afraid of losing money. But, we also don’t want to look like a fool if anything goes wrong because we did something different.
  • Because, if I pay more for my automotive service marketing and it doesn’t work (like all the other programs that haven’t worked) I’ve lost even more money – and I look and feel like a fool for doing it.
  • That is why most business owners (not just shop owners) never get above average on anything.
  • That is why so few shops ever hit the $1 million dollar mark in sales.
  • That is why some 80% of new businesses fail within the first few years. They keep making the cheap choice, instead of the aggressive, action taken, stand-out-from-the-crowd choices that lead to success. So they continue to live in mediocrity, barely getting by.
  •  But, if the programs you had used before, had given you the income increase you needed, you wouldn’t be reading this now.

Here’s what you get when you take the “Bubble Balancer” approach to your automotive service marketing direct mail.


Don’t Stop Now. Keep reading to see just how much more this “CHEAP” form of auto service marketing can cost you – that you didn’t know about.

  • Yes – you get a cheaper price. But that’s about all you get.
  • You get a general shop appeal. Like everybody else.
  • Which no longer works like it used to because everybody is doing exactly the same thing – the same way – by the bushel – because it’s cheap.
  • And you get a cheap, flimsy, no address, coupon slathered post card that attracts primarily the needy customer. (Unless every house in your surrounding area is wealthy. The one and only exception). But are the rich coming to your shop??? Even they won’t show up if your postcard design is wrong.BUT WAIT! THAT’S NOT ALL YOU DON’T GET!
Automotive service direct mail marketing dedicated to your success.

DO YOU OFFER ME EXCLUSIVITY? This is the first question you should ask any automotive service marketing company. If they offer exclusivity, they are dedicated to your success. If they don’t, they are dedicated only to their own profits. Motor Service Marketing has given all our clients exclusivity for 30 years. WE WILL NOT WORK WITH YOUR COMPETITORS!


  • You probably aren’t getting all the leads you thought you were paying for.
  • HUH? What does that mean?
  • Chances are 10 to 1 that the automotive service marketing company you are currently working with has already, (or will be if they they can win over another shop or 2) selling at least 1 or 2 of your direct competitors the exact same program you are using.
  • Sending your competitor’s postcards – that look almost exactly like yours – to the same homes yours are going to.
  • In my own market area I have seen as high as 3 and once even 4 postcards, from different, directly competitive auto repair shops. All these cards were designed, printed and sent by one of the large, cheap, automotive service marketing companies. They all landed in my mailbox, on the same day. And NO, I am not talking about a coupon packet mailer.
  • Who do you think makes the most money on that deal?
  • The shop owners or the automotive service marketing company?

I’ll Bet We Can Agree On The Answer To That Question Too?

Non Exclusivity Can Reduce Your Response Rates by 50% to 75% of the leads you thought you were buying. Why does this cut my response? Because your competitors, (using exactly the same program as you), are simply getting their equal share of, what you thought would be your leads. But each one of you is getting far less than you assumed you were paying for.

This can cause your cost-per-customer-acquired to double, triple or quadruple. Why? Because if you are one of just 2 shops, sending out a very similar postcard, to the same people, you will, most likely get only 1/2 of the leads.  Add that to the cost of this “Cheap” automotive service marketing program to see what it is really costing you.

  • Between the loss of leads to direct competitors.
  • The lost income from fine car owners who were not attracted.
  • And the high cost of weeding out the cheap customers at your shop using your highly paid staff. (Usually $20 to $40 per needy customer if they purchase no extras.)
  • There is little question that these cheap marketing programs can actually be the most expensive and costly automotive service marketing direct mail you can buy in lost income and wasted time.

When talking about cost vs. profit ratio, look at this. With the Ad-Card program, you will almost immediately see an increase in profits on the first visit as soon as they start coming in. And, you will also see a much larger percentage of returning customers at full price. There is just no comparison. 

The Ad-Card make, model, year automotive service marketing direct mail program is in a league of its own.

And – we have the DMV list in 22 states to pinpoint the cars you are looking for.

Of course the Ad-Card program costs more. But since when was the cheapest of anything ever the best?

By The Way! With the Ad-Card Automotive Service Marketing program, the needy customer will never even get your postcard. So you don’t have to even think about the weeding problem. It has been done for you. (Sure, a few might slip in, but you will see a huge difference immediately.)

A Little Common Sense Please. The automotive service marketing company you select becomes your 4 Star GENERAL, in the war to win customers and higher income.

You remain The Presidentbut your marketing company is Your General, your strategist, your guide, your confidant, your friend. At least, that is the way we see ourselves here at Motor Service Marketing.

But when you suddenly discover that “YOUR GENERAL” is also working for the opposing army (or armies) at the same time, what do you have? A turncoat. Interested more in their own multiple incomes per market area, than they are about your increased income. Which, by the very nature of the job, “Increasing Your Income” Is Their Job Description. And as such – this should be their number one goal.

Do you really want a marketing company – who thinks only about their own income – to have any control whatsoever over the future of your income? Or lack of it.


Motor Service Marketing Has Given Each and Every Client Exclusivity For 30 Years For Our Ad-Card Automotive Service Marketing Program!

So call us right now to find out how you can have a brand new start at high income auto repair customers. It is never too late. 800-428-0286

This unique strategy is the only current solution to standing out from your competitors. The best opportunity and method of retrieving the fine car high income customers in your local market.

And you will be our one-and-only client. Cutting out all your competitors from using the Ad-Card program against you.

Call quickly – since we do offer EXCLUSIVITY. If you are the first to hire us, you will be our one-and-only-client in your market area, as long as you continue using The Ad-Card program. This will cut out all your competition from using the Ad-Card against you.

However, if we have already been hired to work with your competitor, there is no way we can help you.

We have many long term clients that have tied up entire market areas for 5 years, 6 years, 8 years and then, there is Steve Louden in Dallas at 17 years. You might be amazed at how and why anyone could possibly use the same marketing company, every consecutive year for that long. See A Couple Short Steve Louden Videos Here To Find Out Why.

If your competitor gets this program first, it will be a formidable opponent to overcome. Find out what it will take to put us on your side. 800-428-0286.

Fine Car High Income Customers - Auto Service Marketing

The math is easy. Large numbers of fine car high income customers responding to your automotive service marketing = high RO averages. How can I do this? Call now and we will give you all the details and a FREE market analysis.


Automotive Service Marketing Direct Mail

Call Right Now To Get A Local Count Of Your Favorite Cars. The Cars You Make The Most Money On. This Alone Can Get You Excited!

Auto Repair Advertising When Advancing Your In-Pocket-Profits Is Your Most Important Goal

Call us right now for your FREE MARKET ANALYSIS. Mention the COUPON CODE ASM1 and you will receive $500 off your order.


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Auto Service Marketing – Does Most Of It Work Or Not?

Auto Service Marketing – Does Most Of It Work Or Not? You might be very surprised at the answer.

Does Most Auto Service Marketing Direct Mail Work Or Not? 

Euro Motorworks, a six year client of Motor Service Marketing uses the Ad-Card auto service marketing direct mail program. Read review.

Euro Motorworks gives a review for the Ad-Card Auto Service Marketing Program by Motor Service Marketing.

To answer that question – we must first define the words work and works when it comes to auto service marketing direct mail. The following questions will give us our answer.

  • QUESTION 1 - The purpose and goal of auto service marketing direct mail is to A - Send out the cheapest cost-per-card-mailed you can possibly find -or- B - Target and bring in as many fine car high income customers as you can to significantly increase your profits and income?
  • ANSWER 1 - Increase profits and income is the only critical goal for your auto service marketing! Most shops think the goal is to send out the cheapest postcards possible. (Frankly, that is why your competition is so easy to beat. While they are busy saving pennies on cheap postcards, Ad-Card is busy targeting and dragging in the local high income customers. And because we give you exclusivity, you are the only one who can use it in your market area!) Your only goal is to make significantly more money on the customer side, not counting pennies on the front side. You must have your focus in the right place.The postcard is merely a tool. The fine car customer is your reward for doing the postcard targeting and the postcard design right.
  • QUESTIONS 2 - To increase your shop’s income, is it best to target and go after large numbers of low income customers or large numbers of high income customers?
  • ANSWER 2 - Large Numbers Of High Income Customers, of course! They are the only customers who can increase your income.
  • QUESTION 3 – When you do an oil change and car condition inspection for a new customer (that came in from your auto service marketing postcard), which one gives you the lowest RO average and which one gives you the highest RO average?
  • ANSWER 3 - Low income customers give you the lowest RO average. High income customers give you the highest RO average! Of course!
  • QUESTION 4 - After coming to your shop the first time (from your auto service marketing postcard), which customer is most likely to come back and pay full price the next time? The high income or low income customer?
  • ANSWER 4 - The high income customer – obviously. The low income customer will never come back to your shop at full price. They cannot afford to come back and pay full price. They will chase another coupon to a competitor’s shop for their next oil change. The number one most important factor needed for customer retention and loyalty seems to be completely unknown, overlooked or ignored by almost all auto repair shops. What is it? THE INCOME LEVEL of the new customer coming in from your auto service marketing direct mail. That is why you have a much better chance of keeping customers when you use the Ad-Card auto service marketing program. Motor Service Marketing targets and brings in the fine car high income customers only!
  • QUESTION 5 – Is it better to do auto service marketing direct mail that attracts: A – Low income car owners? B – Low income and high income car owners? C – High income car owners only?
  • ANSWER 5 - High Income Car Owners Only. It is the only way to increase your income. Shop Owner – there is no other way to meet your income goals than to target and drive in large numbers of fine car high income car owners! Period!

HOWEVER: For The Last 30 Years, In Any Discussion About Auto Service Marketing, The Word Work and Works Has Meant Nothing More Than Increased Car Count – which is a complete fallacy!

Increased car count is the worst possible definition, because it includes low income customers as the majority of the car owners coming through your door from your cheap auto service marketing direct mail.

If you get nothing else from this article – please get this - Car Count Is Meaningless. High Income Car Count Means Everything!

Definition: The only definition for auto service marketing direct mail SUCCESS is – “An auto service marketing program that targets only fine car high income customers and brings in only large numbers of fine car high income customers.”

The only auto service marketing direct mail that works, is the one that brings in fine car high income customers.

THIS IS IT – RIGHT HERE! Auto Service Marketing that works. All you have to do is bring in large numbers of fine car high income customers – and the increase in YOUR INCOME will take care of itself!

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