Auto Service Marketing – Does Most Of It Work Or Not?

Auto Service Marketing – Does Most Of It Work Or Not? You might be very surprised at the answer.

Does Most Auto Service Marketing Direct Mail Work Or Not? 

Euro Motorworks, a six year client of Motor Service Marketing uses the Ad-Card auto service marketing direct mail program. Read review.

Euro Motorworks gives a review for the Ad-Card Auto Service Marketing Program by Motor Service Marketing.

To answer that question – we must first define the words work and works when it comes to auto service marketing direct mail. The following questions will give us our answer.

  • QUESTION 1 - The purpose and goal of auto service marketing direct mail is to A - Send out the cheapest cost-per-card-mailed you can possibly find -or- B - Target and bring in as many fine car high income customers as you can to significantly increase your profits and income?
  • ANSWER 1 - Increase profits and income is the only critical goal for your auto service marketing! Most shops think the goal is to send out the cheapest postcards possible. (Frankly, that is why your competition is so easy to beat. While they are busy saving pennies on cheap postcards, Ad-Card is busy targeting and dragging in the local high income customers. And because we give you exclusivity, you are the only one who can use it in your market area!) Your only goal is to make significantly more money on the customer side, not counting pennies on the front side. You must have your focus in the right place.The postcard is merely a tool. The fine car customer is your reward for doing the postcard targeting and the postcard design right.
  • QUESTIONS 2 - To increase your shop’s income, is it best to target and go after large numbers of low income customers or large numbers of high income customers?
  • ANSWER 2 - Large Numbers Of High Income Customers, of course! They are the only customers who can increase your income.
  • QUESTION 3 – When you do an oil change and car condition inspection for a new customer (that came in from your auto service marketing postcard), which one gives you the lowest RO average and which one gives you the highest RO average?
  • ANSWER 3 - Low income customers give you the lowest RO average. High income customers give you the highest RO average! Of course!
  • QUESTION 4 - After coming to your shop the first time (from your auto service marketing postcard), which customer is most likely to come back and pay full price the next time? The high income or low income customer?
  • ANSWER 4 - The high income customer – obviously. The low income customer will never come back to your shop at full price. They cannot afford to come back and pay full price. They will chase another coupon to a competitor’s shop for their next oil change. The number one most important factor needed for customer retention and loyalty seems to be completely unknown, overlooked or ignored by almost all auto repair shops. What is it? THE INCOME LEVEL of the new customer coming in from your auto service marketing direct mail. That is why you have a much better chance of keeping customers when you use the Ad-Card auto service marketing program. Motor Service Marketing targets and brings in the fine car high income customers only!
  • QUESTION 5 – Is it better to do auto service marketing direct mail that attracts: A – Low income car owners? B – Low income and high income car owners? C – High income car owners only?
  • ANSWER 5 - High Income Car Owners Only. It is the only way to increase your income. Shop Owner – there is no other way to meet your income goals than to target and drive in large numbers of fine car high income car owners! Period!

HOWEVER: For The Last 30 Years, In Any Discussion About Auto Service Marketing, The Word Work and Works Has Meant Nothing More Than Increased Car Count – which is a complete fallacy!

Increased car count is the worst possible definition, because it includes low income customers as the majority of the car owners coming through your door from your cheap auto service marketing direct mail.

If you get nothing else from this article – please get this - Car Count Is Meaningless. High Income Car Count Means Everything!

Definition: The only definition for auto service marketing direct mail SUCCESS is – “An auto service marketing program that targets only fine car high income customers and brings in only large numbers of fine car high income customers.”

The only auto service marketing direct mail that works, is the one that brings in fine car high income customers.

THIS IS IT – RIGHT HERE! Auto Service Marketing that works. All you have to do is bring in large numbers of fine car high income customers – and the increase in YOUR INCOME will take care of itself!

Are you blindly buying cheap auto service marketing direct mail postcards? Could it be because you don’t understand this principle? When you go to purchase an auto service marketing direct mail program – remember this…

  • You are not paying for the cheapest way to put ink on a postcard and the cheapest way to get them sent out.
  • You are paying for the quality of customer who walks through your door – WHICH ALONE – will determine how much money you will make.
  • Have you been taken in by the cost-per-card-mailed and increased-car-count strategy?
  • These things have absolutely nothing to do with your increased income objective.
  • They take into consideration only how much you save on the front end. Which has absolutely nothing to do with how much you make on the back end. The customer end.

RULE OF THUMB: If your auto service marketing is bringing in 60% to 80% high income customers, you are doing great. Just keep doing what you are doing!

But – If your auto service marketing is more like 70% to 80% low income customers and only 10 to 20% high income customers, then run for your life. Such auto service marketing is not cheap. It is the most expensive advertising on the market - BECAUSE YOU AREN’T MAKING ANY MONEY!
CLICK HERE TO SEE WHY. This explains it completely.

Before You Purchase An Auto Service Marketing Direct Mail Program From Any Marketing Company Make Sure Of Two Things!

  1. Make sure they are giving you EXCLUSIVITY in your market area. If they don’t, the most devastating competitor in your market area could well be the very marketing company you just paid to create your auto service marketing program. (YEAH! Think about that for a while!) And they know all your secrets because they are asking you personal questions, working closely with you, supposedly to build a winning strategy for you??? Don’t let assumptions of exclusivity be your guide. ASK BEFORE YOU BUY! DO YOU OFFER EXCLUSIVITY FOR ME?!
  2. Think of it! You could be fighting against 1 or 2 or more of your closest competitors, using a similar card as yours (designed by the same marketing company as yours), going to the same homes as yours. You could be paying 2 to 3 times more per lead than you assumed you were paying. That makes this “CHEAP” auto service marketing the most expensive marketing you ever bought.
  3. Make sure the auto service marketing company you are thinking about working with is giving you exclusivity. If they will not – every claim they make about their auto service marketing program being the absolute best you can buy – is simply false. Are you willing to trust them with the future income of your business?
  4. Ask your current auto service marketing company what IS their “Main Appeal” for your post card? That should be a good one. When they’re done glacking and blurking trying to figure out what that means, give us a call and we can explain it to you.
  5. Be careful shop owner. As far as I know, after 30 years, Motor Service Marketing is the only auto service marketing direct mail company in the industry to offer exclusivity for our direct mail programs! We know of no other at this time. Our goal perfectly lines up with your goal! To build your income. No other auto repair shop will be able to use Ad-Card.

IMPORTANT! You see, the first thing we do when you call us for information on the Ad-Card auto service marketing direct mail program is this. We go to our master map to see if your territory is open. If we already have a competitive client in your market area – We Must Turn You Down!

However, if you are the first to use Ad-Card in your market area, we turn all your competitors down. Motor Service Marketing’s loyalty is to you alone. Our job is to make sure that only you get as many of the fine car high income customers your market area has to offer.

When you talk to other auto service marketing companies, do they check your market area first thing to see if they can work with you? If they don’t, your first question should be, “Do You Offer Exclusivity In My Market Area?” If they don’t say yes, simply hang up and move on.

I can tell you with – almost 100% assurance – that most auto service marketing companies could already be working with your competitors – even as they are asking for your credit card number.

If an auto service marketing company does not offer you exclusivity, and is already working with even just one of your competitors, you will be getting only about half of the leads you thought you were paying for – while the marketing company is making twice the money.


Does most auto service marketing direct mail WORK? In light of the above discussion and definitions, the answer is a definite NO.

The only correct description for the words Work/Works when talking about auto service marketing is this: Work/Works = auto service marketing direct mail that targets only and brings in large numbers of Fine Car High Income Customers?
All Else Is Just Low Income Busy Work

Cheap coupon slathered auto service marketing attracts the cheap customer. When you are doing car count marketing this lead would have been considered part of the "Success".

The cheap auto service marketing direct mail nightmare! Coupon slathered direct mail postcards attracting the wrong customer. Remember your objective. Large numbers of fine car high income customers. But when you are doing Car Count Marketing, this customer would have been included in with the “Car Count” adding (to what they call) the “Success” of the program. WITH CAR MAKE MARKETING, THIS CUSTOMER WOULD NEVER GET A CARD!!!

You know your auto service marketing isn’t WORKING if you hear this a lot.
The typical low income customer conversation at the service counter…

  • “Just , the oil change today please. Thanks for the great price!”
  • “I know my brakes are squeaking, but I don’t have time to do it today.”
  • “Low tread? Yea, but the tires are still working fine.”
  • “How much are your windshield wipers? Oh no thanks, I’ll get em at Bigmart” WHY ARE LOW INCOME CUSTOMERS SO HARMFUL TO YOUR BUSINESS?

Auto service marketing that delivers low income customers keeps your entire shop busy investing a great deal of time and expense for no return. How many of these Coupon Customers can you afford?


How many of these customers does it take before your service writers and technicians are fed up with all the paper work and the FREE car inspections, with no sales? How long will it take before their attitudes and job satisfaction level starts to drop?



  • Not just an oil change and tire shop.
  • A REAL SHOP with top level, experienced technicians.
  • You’ve made the investment in the finest diagnostic equipment.
  • You have a nice looking building and you keep clean and neat.
  • You cater to the customer’s every need.
  • And you really care about your business and your customers.
  • You will go broke using cheap auto service marketing.
  • Your expenses are too high to live off of low income customers.

You absolutely must have upscale auto service marketing that will target, attract and deliver the fine car high income customer. And you can’t do that with cheap shotgun marketing.

You also must have class, credibility and character of design in your auto service marketing postcard to win over the fine car customer. Because they love their expensive car, they are not willing to take it to just anyone. They have to feel the trust.

And How Will You Select Which Homes To Send These Postcards To?

Median income lists are no longer successful. With half the country on welfare, food stamps and unemployment – and property values down, the standard income indicators may not be what they used to be. Plus the word median means middle. Whatever income level you select, you will get half of them below your selected income.

Plus there are too many auto shops doing generic “Shop Advertising”. In other words – highlighting their shop. The overwhelming majority of auto service marketing postcards promote the shop. That is why Promoting The Car, by make, model and year is 3 to 5 times more effective.

When the Mercedes owner sees their car on a post card – they stop and look. When they see your shop on a postcard, it falls like a wet leaf into the trash along with the other 5 or 6 shop cards they got in the mail the same day.

The fine car owner wants someone who knows their car. They paid a lot more for their car because they love it. They love how they feel and look when they are in it. It is part of their personality and deeply entrenched in their ego.

They won’t just give that car over to “Joe’s Car Shop”, because you sent them a nice auto service marketing post card. They don’t know you and won’t trust you with their fine car. They must know that you know their car and will treat them like royalty. Coupons and generic shop advertising doesn’t cut it.

In a market with so much cut-throat competition you must stop doing the same thing everyone else is doing! Hit them instead with immediate self interest by showing them the car they drive by car make.

You Get Their Attention! And – You Get The Cars You Make The Most Money On – With A High Income Owner Paying The Bill!

Car Make Marketing. A whole new strategy for your auto service marketing.

Auto Service Marketing direct mail takes on a whole new dimension when you do Car Make Marketing. Bring in the cars you make the most money on and the car owner who is willing to pay well for your services.  This strategy allows you to hear the word “YES” far more often.

Find out more right now on how to bring in the high income fine car customer. Read the free online book: “The Art and Science of Selling Auto Service”. 30 years of auto service marketing experience and success on every page. No sign-up so we can’t bug you.

DMV auto repair marketing mailing list for your auto repair marketing direct mail.

DMV auto service direct mail marketing mailing list by make, model year available in 22 states.

 We have the actual, legal, DMV direct mail marketing mailing list for make, model, year car owners in 22 states – and the best auto service  marketing direct mail compiled mailing list for the other 28 states. And I can tell you exactly how I know it is the best compiled list. Check it out at

Auto service marketing by Motor Service Marketing using the Ad-Card auto repair direct mail marketing program.

3 Decades of attracting fine car high income customers sets apart the Ad-Card auto service marketing program from all others. It is the standard for attracting fine car customers.

Ad-Card. The most upscale, elegant, credibility building, trust generating auto service marketing direct mail program in the industry. Designed and targeted to capture the fine car high income customer ONLY.

So – we leave you now with this Question… Which Customer Would You Rather Have Responding To Your Auto Service Marketing Direct Mail Program? 

Low income auto service marketing customers do not increase your income!

Cheap, fast and easy, coupon slathered auto service marketing is a “Gold Mine” (at your expense) for low income, oil change only customers. And to think. You had to pay to get him in!


The Low Income Customer

The Low Income customer’s major objective in coming to an auto repair shop is to spend the least amount of money possible just to keep the car running. Why?

They Care More About The Price
Than They Care About Their Car!

The low income customer usually makes up some 60% to 80% of the average general repair shop’s customer base.

The secret to making a lot more money with your auto service business is to flip your customer base. Get your high income customers to represent 60% to 80% of your customer base. Then watch the bottom line move up fast.

But to do that, you need an auto service marketing direct mail program and mailing list that can find and capture these high income customers.
Call 800-428-0286 now.



High Income Fine Car Customer. The main target of all serious auto service marketing programs.

Auto Service Marketing that brings in the fine car high income customer is a “Gold Mine” for you!

The Fine Car High Income Auto Service Customer

The Fine Car customer’s major objective in coming to an auto repair shop is to make sure their car is safe, economical and running like new. Why?

They Care More About Their Car
Than They Care About The Price

Large numbers of high income  customers responding to your auto service marketing direct mail is the only cure for the low profit, busy work blues.

High income customer auto service marketing by Motor Service Marketing. Ad-Card.

What could possibly be holding you back? Find out how many fine car high income customers you have in your market by car make and year – right now. No obligation.

Give us a call at 800-428-0286 - so we can get a count of high income customers by car make and year in your market area. We can show you how your auto service marketing direct mail can start driving Fine Car High Income Customers to your shop.

Auto Service Marketing Using The Ad-Card auto service marketing direct mail program.

When you call Motor Service Marketing, you will be talking directly with me. Let’s talk strategy. Give me your toughest, most important questions.

When you call us – you won’t be talking with a salesman. You will be talking with me, Zed Daniels, President of Motor Service Marketing. Let’s Talk Strategy!

I do not push, I do not intimidate, but I will give you honest, straight forward answers to your auto service marketing questions.

Motor Service Marketing is not a high volume, cheap, fast and easy auto service marketing company. There are only 4 of us working here and I do most of the design and writing, and approve everything myself before it goes out. That way we can maintain great content, high image and strong results for our clients.

Why should I pay a little more for auto service marketing when there is plenty of cheap direct mail available? Answer: You don’t use a bubble balancer to balance wheels anymore do you, even though they are much cheaper. Doesn’t something better always cost a little more?

Anybody and everybody in the auto repair business IS PAYING LESS for their auto service marketing. You all look just alike. You all pull in primarily low income customers for your marketing efforts.

Frankly, that’s why your low income competition is so easy to beat on the fine car customer level. Ad-Card can do it for you – or I will tell you it can’t – and will not take your money.

Fine car high income customer auto service marketing is all we do.
And we do it very well!

Our strategy of Car Make Marketing always targets the right customer. No hit and miss. No hoping that just a few of the right cars and customers might come through your door. This is the real thing!

Ad-Card hits the car owner who loves their car and is willing to spend good money to keep it running like new. Auto service marketing direct mail like you have never experienced it before.

What do you have to lose? – What might you have to gain!
The Worst You Could Do Is Say No. Call Now.

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