Auto Repair Advertising Direct Mail Success Formula 1 + 1 = 2

Auto Repair Advertising Direct Mail Success Formula 1+1=2. What you have to watch out for is when 1+1=0.

Auto repair advertising that wins the income game.

Find out what 1+1=2 means. Because if you get this right, your auto repair advertising direct mail can seriously increase your income.

Auto repair advertising direct mail, to be successful, must meet a simple set of criteria. Here is the formula: 1+1=2

  • The First 1 In The Formula Is Your Goals – You Must Have The Right Goals:
  • What is your goal for doing auto repair advertising direct mail? Increased car count?
  • NO! Increased car count is meaningless. Getting in more cars never guarantees higher income! In fact – if they are the wrong cars, you can actually lose money.
  • Higher Income is the only reason in the world to do auto repair advertising.
  • How can direct mail increase your income?
  • It will only increase your income if it is designed to bring in large numbers of fine car, high income customers that will pay well for your services and come back as full price customers. But it must be targeted and designed properly to achieve this goal.
  • Focusing on increased car count alone will never work. Why? Because it has no way of eliminating the 50% to 80% of the cheap customers responding. Customers that cost you money rather than make you money.
  • What is your one-and-only-goal? To significantly increase your income. That’s It. That’s your goal. That’s all you need to know. But is the auto repair advertising you are doing now delivering you higher income? Or just higher car count. 10 to 1 it is not. Or, is usually just a break even effort.

Once you have established your goals, (Higher Income) you must then select an auto repair advertising company that can create and implement your goals. 

Next – you then see how well your program achieved those goals.

Here is where we find out if our direct mail program is working or not according to our objective of significantly higher income. (More fine car customers who will return as loyal, full price customers.)

The Second 1 in the formula is to calculate your results -or- goal achievement.

Did your marketing program deliver the results you were looking for?
Once your direct mail program is sent out and finished, what was the return?

  • What Did We Get From Our Direct Mail Program?
  • What was the RO average from new customer respondents?
  • How many fine cars came in that spent good money with you?
  • How many cheap customers came in that spent little or no money with you?
  • How many cheap customers did you actually lose money on?
  • What was the percentage of Cheap and High Income customers?
  • How many of these customers will come back as loyal, regular customers paying full price for your services?
  • These are the only questions that matter.
  • These are the necessary factors for increasing your income.
But 90% of you are still focusing strictly on Car Count for your auto repair advertising and totally missing the mark. WHERE 1+1 USUALLY = 0.

Because focusing on car count will simply get you a lot of these:

How many auto repair advertising failures like this can your business stand?

When your strategy is merely increased car count, this customer would be included in calculating your success!? Simply because she brought in a car. Even though she will most likely cost you money to deal with her.

Here are 6 things you need to know if you want fine car, high income customers coming through your door in large numbers. You know who I mean. The kind of customer that will say “YES” and buy extra services when you present them. The customer who has enough money to come back as loyal, repeat customers at full price.

1) Don’t Do This:   Median income targeting. The word median means middle. You already know that half the postcards you send out will be sent to people below the income level you have specified. So almost half of the money spent on your direct mail is wasted from the start. Or even worse. It brings in customers you lose money on.

2) This Is Probably Happening:  If you order 10,000 cards chances are that some 5,000 cards will be going to lower income people. This half of your mailing list is the auto repair advertising factory that produces the cheap, “Oil Change Only” customers that you lose money on. Those who suck up your time and weaken your profits. And often cost you more money, than you make on them.

3) Carrier route saturation mailings, coupon packet mailers and grocery store inserts all fall into this category. Yet everybody is using them because they are cheap. But worse, it is also impersonal, and you all look just alike.

It is a poor strategy from the very start. (That is – if you want to increase your income). Sure there are exceptions where some shops are making money. But that is mostly shops that are located in totally high income carrier routes. But are you one of them? If you are and it is working for you, keep doing it! If you are not, change your ways or just keep growing (or not growing) at the same rate.

4) Watch out for the marketing company that tells you, “You’ve  Got To Get Your Name Out Their!!!” Because frankly, that is about all they can do for you.

It is the oldest line in the book. I have heard it used for 30 years. It is the most useless excuse for calling what you do advertising. It is a phrase that justifies any form low cost advertising. “Hey,” you say to yourself, “if all I gotta do is get my name out there, I might as well do it the cheapest way I can!”. It will produce nothing for you but expense.

5) General, shop appeal postcard designs. In other words, highlighting your shop like everyone else does. The same – the same. Every shop in town looks the same! Sameness is killing all of you. Pushing away the high income customer and attracting the very customer you don’t want. It is killing you.

That’s why we offer EXCLUSIVITY in our client’s market area. We don’t give away half to two thirds of your leads to your direct competitors by selling them the same program they sold you. They make 2 to 3 times the money. You get only half to 1/3rd of the leads.

Our one-and-only client (YOU), will have a different (far superior, 30 year tested and proven card design) that will be targeted only to fine car owners by car make, model and year. We take out the cheap customers from the start. This moves you to a completely new level of competition. You will stand alone in your market because you are the only one doing it right and hitting the right customer with the right message.

Is any of this making any sense to you? Can you see just how different and effective this is?

You will be the only one who doesn’t look the same. The only one with a unique, attention grabbing message that will make the targeted car owner stop, look and listen. Why? Because you are talking to him about his car. Instead of just talking about you and telling him how great you are.

That is what gets the fine car customer in your door. That is what gives YOU the higher income. Winning High Income Customers Through Better Targeting And Proven Design.

FIND OUT HOW. Auto Repair Marketing That Separates You From 99% Of Your Competition. Click here and read this article.

6) Your poor customer targeting, cheapness and sameness is killing you! Cookie cutter auto repair advertising will not (in most all cases) take you to your income goals. Folks – when you design a cheap card, guess what you get? You get cheap customers. Nuff Said!

When you want auto repair advertising that creates income, call Motor Service Marketing.

So you thought you could get by purchasing a cheap, carpet bombing, carrier route saturation direct mail advertising program. Until you get a majority of these customers standing at your counter saying NO.

Your plan and your calculation of results are based on the number of cars that came in. Not the amount of increased profit you made. And it is all done with the assumption, that you know in advance, you will be getting cheap customers as part of the mix.

The shop owners lament:
“Oh Well,” you say to yourself, “I guess I simply have to take the bad with the good. I have to sacrifice my income, my shop time, extra wages for my mechanics to weed through all the cheap customers just so I can hope for a few good customers in the mix. There is just no other way to do it, I guess?”

Your willingness to accept any advertising method that delivers mostly low income customers is killing you.


Your poor customer targeting, cheapness and sameness is destroying you! Cookie cutter auto repair advertising will not (in most all cases) take you to your income goals.
Advertising your auto repair shop must be done right to win the fine car customer.

OH YES! Your auto repair advertising is just this important. High income customers targeted by car make rather than car count. You select the cars you make the most money on, and we bring them in using the DMV auto repair direct mail mailing list. WHEN 1+1 MUST ABSOLUTELY = 2.


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Auto repair advertising that can change your income. Which can change your world.

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